The World Center for Jewish Education (WCJE) was founded upon the belief that the continuity of the Jewish nation and its future generations is firmly dependent upon promoting an increased investment in strong and strategic approaches to Jewish education.

WCJE recognizes that questions over Jewish identity and practice remain a source of debate and at times even tension within our community. Yet we also believe that the greatest tool to encourage Jewish unity remains in educating Jewish students with an appreciation for their heritage, their culture and their history so that they can positively impact on our common Jewish future.

WCJE works to identify, build and enable access to highly-professional, innovative and contemporary syllabuses and programs on subjects of Jewish interest. The Center likewise supports and sponsors enrichment courses for educators who utilize the programs and syllabuses in order to transform the learning-for themselves and their students-into an enriching, inspiring and memorable experience that will mold a stronger Jewish identity. Furthermore, WCJE provides custom-designed educational trips to Israel led by professional tour guides and staff members with educational training.

To pursue these goals, WCJE collaborates with dozens of organizations and companies active in developing educational syllabuses and programs for Jewish subjects as well as hundreds of Jewish schools and Jewish lay leaders around the world.

While Jewish schools in cities around the world are, rightfully so, regularly seeking to enhance their general studies, sciences, and technology departments, the WorldCenter for Jewish Education continually reinforces the importance that no less (and perhaps more…) focus should be invested in Jewish Studies departments. The cornerstone of superior Jewish education that guarantees continuity is quality teaching and lessons-both formal and informal.

WCJE does not seek to promote any particular agenda, stream or belief within the multifaceted Jewish world. We acknowledge and respect the broad spectrum of Jewish practice and recognise that multiple voices and messages define how Jewish identity is best embraced.

The World Center for Jewish Education was founded by Mickey Katzburg, and is an initiative of The Hedy Hirsch Foundation.

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