Ani Koreh-Sefer HaKriyah - Shlav Gimmel


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Ani Koreh-Sefer HaKriyah – Shlav Gimmel


Hebrew Reading Book Level 3

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Author: Chaya Gitty Hirschman
ISBN: 978-1-937261-11-5
Cover: Paperback

Sefer Hakriya Shlav Gimmel is a one of a kind, systematic and easy to use instructional and practice reading tool. This Kriyah book is designed to teach and review the six basic rules of the shva. It is the foundation of your reading curriculum. Every page is laid out in a clear and visually appealing format, providing a comprehensive and cumulative review of the shva rules.

אני קורא-ספר הקריאה שלב ג

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