Bereshit – Digital Subscription

Beginners Easy-Hebrew Newspaper for English speakers-one year digital subscription




Bereshit is geared towards people who are just starting to read Hebrew. It includes plenty of English explanations and dictionaries, and includes three levels of articles, news from Israel and around the world (with an emphasis on the Jewish world), short stories, funny stories, Jewish holidays, sport, science, crosswords, and more so that readers of all beginning levels will find challenging and educational material.

Bereshit is published once every two weeks, so it is full of articles related to current events. It is published in Israel, but its articles are wide in scope. 

Bereshit features:
-Dictionaries alongside text articles
-Exercises for additional practice
-The magazine is published approximately every two weeks.
-Subscription – 18 issues
-The magazine is not published during the months of July-August and Jewish Holidays.
-The articles come with different levels of pronunciation to help the readers practice their reading.
-The articles in the magazine also come with explanations for the terms and concepts mentioned, so readers have a better understanding of the subjects.
-Bereshit is recognized by the Israeli Ministry of Education and is used as an educational product by hundreds of schools throughout the country.

One scholastic year digital subscription (18 editions)

מגזין בראשית