Barosh Uvarishonah First and Foremost – Teacher’s Guide

Hebrew for Beginners and More

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By: Ateret Yarden-Barak  & Goni Tishler
Publisher: Academon
ISBN: 978-965-350-231-4
Pages: 310
Cover: Paperback

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The First and Foremost set is designed for students of the Hebrew language at the beginners level. It was written along the principles of the communicative language approach. The contents of this book deal with the world and Israel, reflecting the varied aspects of the Israeli culture and aspiring to create a dialogue between the student and the many faces of Israeli culture, enabling a multicultural dialogue. It touches upon subjects that relate to the individual, society, and community. It includes translated instructions and the workbook includes a dictionary of all the words required at this level, as well as translated explanations of the linguistic issues. The set is accompanied by complementary teaching materials for the student and teacher: dictionaries, presentations, teacher’s guide, and more.

First and Foremost – Teacher’s Guide accompanies the set. It contains detailed lesson plans, suggestions and ideas for teaching methods and enrichment of the texts, conversations, exercises and the rest of the material in the textbook.  The guide is designed to serve both beginning and experienced teachers.

The guide includes references to the material in the various parts of the set: the presentations, audio files, and others.


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