Haggadah Be'Meymad Acher


Haggadah Be’Meymad Acher

Haggadh in Another Dimension


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Creator, 3D Producer: Michael Medina
Sculpture and Painting: Emi Sfard
Photography: Eli Neeman

Haggadah in Another Dimension is an utterly unique book, a celebration of faith unlike any other you ll find on the bookshelf. Beautifully produced and created, it brings the story to life for old and young and includes beautiful and unique 3D images. The book will give the whole family — adults and children alike a fresh and beautiful experience on Passover night. By reading the stories, singing the songs, and enjoying the amazing images that truly seem to come to life and leap from the page in 3D (3D glasses included), Haggadah in Another Dimension will create memories that last a lifetime.

Please note: Images in the book can be properly viewed only by using 3D glasses (included in the book). Images that appear in the ”Look Inside!” feature on Amazon look hazy because they are not viewed with the 3D glasses.

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