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Hebrew from Scratch Part A+Sipur Ve-Od Sipur

Ivrit Min Ha’Hatchala Ha’Chadash (Aleph)+Handful of Stories



Authors: S. Chayat, S. Yisraeli, H. Kubliner
Published by: Academon
Pages: 523
Cover: Soft Cover
ISBN: 965-350-112-7
The famous Hebrew From Scratch A book, now accompanied with a short stories booklet “Sipur Ve-Od Sipur“: 30 stories, rated according to their level of difficulty. The book Sipur Ve-Od Sipur is designed to enrich students and to provide them with the experience of reading in Hebrew as they take their first steps in learning the language. At the bottom of each story, difficult words are translated into English, and at the end of the book there is a dictionary in six languages: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian and Korean.

עברית מן ההתחלה חלק א, עברית מההתחלה חלק א, עברית מהתחלה חלק א, סיפור ועוד סיפור
Ivrit Min Hahatchala Hachadash Chelek Alef, Ivrit Min Ha’hatchala Ha’Chadash Chelek Aleph, Ivrit Mehahatchala Hachadash
Ivrit Me’ha’hatchala Ha’Chadash, Ivrit Mehatchala Hachadash, Ivrit Me’Hatchala Ha’Chadash, Sipur Veod Sipur, Sipur Ve’Od Sipur

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