Hebrew from Scratch Part A

Ivrit Min Ha’Hatchala Ha’Chadash (Aleph)




Authors: S. Chayat, S. Yisraeli, H. Kubliner
Published by: Academon

Pages: 523
Cover: Soft Cover
ISBN: 965-350-112-7

Improved, revised and updated edition (2019)

Hebrew from Scratch is also known as ‘Ivrit min hathahala’. It’s a comprehensive textbook, grammar and exercise book for the beginner adult student. Widely used by high school and university students. The book familiarizes the student with the basic language phenomena while teaching the tools for writing, speaking, reading and listening comprehension. The instructions for the exercises as well as the translations of the vocabulary lists are in English. Otherwise, the course is based on Hebrew-only instruction.

One of the best, friendliest Hebrew-teaching books, this book immerses the student in Hebrew, but without overwhelming the English speaker who is trying to learn a language that is so very different than English. n addition to texts and exercises, the book includes verses and midrashim, Hebrew reading passages and Israeli songs, spoken phrases and slang.

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