Hebrew Matters

עושים עניין

Hebrew for Intermediate Level

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ISBN: 9789653502468


Authors: Tzuki Shai, Gali Huminar
Published by: Academon

Pages: 365
Cover: Soft Cover
ISBN: 978-965-350-2468

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Osim Inyan is also known as ‘Hebrew Matters’. It’s a comprehensive textbook, grammar and exercise book for the intermediate adult student which is widely used by high school and university students. In addition to grammar and syntax exercises, the book contains different types of texts on a large variety of topics. The grammar and syntax exercises are presented in a communicative, natural and graduated manner and are accompanied by assignments and activities to enrich the learning experience. The book was published after extensive trial use in the classroom.


עושים עניין, עושים ענין, Osim Inyan, Hebrew Matters




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