Ivrit BiShnayim Teacher’s Guide





עברית בשניים, Ivrit BiShnayim, Ivrit Bi-Shnayim, Ivrit bi’Shnayim, Ivrit Be’Shnayim, Ivrit Be-Shnayim, Ivrit BeShnayim מדריך למורה teacher’s guide




ISBN: 978-965-350-177-5
Cover: Paperback
Pages: 128

Published by: Academon

Year: 2018

The book “Take Two, for Level 2, Teacher’s Guide” (also known as “Ivrit Bishnayim Teacher’s Guide”) is meant to accompany the book “Take 2 for Level 2” (also known as “Ivrit Bishnayim”). The guide contains ideas and tips how to teach the texts (excerpts, poems and stories) that appear in the book. In addition, the guide contains explanations regarding grammatical issues as well as a variety of ways in which to practice what is learned. The guide also provides references to a variety of short videos that strengthen understanding and broaden the student’s knowledge. Next to each link there is a QR code that can be scanned to receive access to the clip.


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