Hebrew from Scratch Part A-T.G.

Hebrew from Scratch – New Ed. (Part 1)




Authors: S. Chayat, S. Yisraeli, H. Kubliner
Published by: AcademonPages: 117
Cover: Booklet

The teacher’s guide for part 1 of the popular and successful learning tool Hebrew from Scratch (Ivrit Min Ha’Hatchala) series.

עברית מן ההתחלה החדש

עברית מההתחלה החדש

עברית מהתחלה החדש
חלק א
מדריך למורה
Ivrit Min Hahatchala Hachadash Chelek Alef
Ivrit Min Ha’hatchala Ha’Chadash Chelek Aleph
Ivrit Mehahatchala Hachadash Chelek Alef
Ivrit Me’ha’hatchala Ha’Chadash Chelek Alef
Ivrit Mehatchala Hachadash Chelek Alef
Ivrit Me’Hatchala Ha’Chadash Chelek Alef
Madrich Lamoreh Lamorah
Madrich La’Moreh La’Morah


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