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נקדן, מלינגו
Nakdan by Melingo Ltd,  as the most accurate Hebrew vowling system exists, automatically adds vowels to Hebrew text with 97% precision. The level of accuracy is achieved thanks to a sophisticated morphological and contextual analysis system.
  • Nakdan automatically adds vowels to Hebrew text at a 97% degree of accuracy. The level of accuracy is achieved thanks to an intricate system of morphological analysis and contextual disambiguation.
  • Nakdan is a unique solution that significantly saves the extensive labour and time involved in manually voweling Hebrew text.
  • In very few cases when the system vowelizes not according to the context, there is a possibility to choose the most suitable vowelization from a list Nakdan offers.
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300,000 characters (approx 250 full pages of text)



600,000 characters (approx 500 full pages of text)



Subscription for one year (unlimited characters)

$800 annually

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300,000 characters, 600,000 characters, One Year Subscription


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