Rav Milim Online Dictionary by Melingo Ltd.


Rav Milim Online Dictionary by Melingo Ltd.

The most complete online Hebrew-Hebrew-English Dictionary



Rav-Milim by Melingo Ltd, is the leading full-fledged Hebrew dictionary on the web. It contains morphological analysis for every word in Hebrew, a thesaurus, phrases and idioms, bi-directional Hebrew-English translation, list of rhyming words, and crossword solving feature.
Rav-Milim includes the following features:
  • Rav-Milim has 80,000 entries, covering the entire language and all styles (colloquial, historical, technical, slang etc…)
  • Full Thesaurus with tens of thousands of synonyms, for all relevant entries in the dictionary.
  • Dictionary of idioms and phrases, including explanations as to the meaning of the saying.
  • Hundreds of suggested rhymes for each word, divided into groups according to quality and appropriateness of rhyme.
  • English translation of every word or phrase.
  • Crossword puzzle support.
The dictionary is constantly updated in pace with the changes in the language, and with the decisions of the Academy of the Hebrew Language.
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Subscription to one user for one year
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Organizational Subscription for one year by IP address
(All users can use Rav-Milim at same time via IP range)

  • $0.10 per student/employee
  • Minimum $1,500
    per organization


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