Shushan-Yehoshua-Choveret LaTalmid


Shushan-Yehoshua-Choveret LaTalmid

Neviim Rishonim Student Booklet

הרב שושן – יהושע



Author: Ha’Rav Avraham Shushan
Published by: Sifrei Shushan
Pages: 113
Cover: Workbook, Soft Cover

– הרב שושן – יהושע – חוברת לתלמיד

This booklet is one of a series of student booklets on the Bible. Which was composed of a real need to provide and fill the gaps in learning Neviim and appropriately illuminate them.
It is known that when teaching Navi there is a need to emphasize the messaging of Emunah and Arachim  which reflected in the chapters and that connect the past, the present and the future to God’s will.

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