Sichon-Hebrew English conversation book

Conversations & Situations Book





Authors:  Yigal Tzadka
Published by:  Hebrew Today
Pages: 161
Cover: Book soft cover

Our Conversation & Situation Book+ CD teaches Hebrew in a fun and interactive way. Each lesson is based on one of 18 conversations concerning everyday situations, such as at a restaurant, at the Doctor’s office, at the Bank, etc.

This is how this special program works: You read the conversation and listening to it simultaneously. Each conversation includes a dictionary, in case you encounter a new or difficult word. Then you listen to the conversation as many times as you need to until you understand it perfectly. After that you can read it as many times as you need to until you are reading it fluently.

In order to cement your learning while having lots of fun, each conversation features exercises, word games and grammatical explanations.

We believe that when learning a language, we need to know its roots. This is true for every language, but it is especially true for the Hebrew language whose words and structure are built on roots. One word is connected to another word, and together they create a family of words that are all related to each other.

With our Conversation & Situation Book you will learn to pronounce the words correctly, and get used to hearing the Hebrew language.

Now, you too can enjoy the amazing richness of the Hebrew language, and the history of its words.





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