Chaverim Be'Ivrit Ha'Albom Sheli - (4) Achare Ha'L



Chaverim Be’Ivrit Ha’Albom Sheli – (4) Achare Ha’L

Friends in hebrew – First Level (My photo Album) – (4) After school




A program for the teaching of Hebrew as a foreign language for elementary age students (Grade 3 and above)

Each booklet in the series includes a teacher’s guide including linguistic explanations (introduction, page 2), vocabulary including language structures, verbs, nouns, etc. (“My Words”, page 3) and detailed didactic suggestions at the bottom of each page.
Curriculum Developer: Mira Owen

Writers: Ronit Ben Ari, Nechama Baras

Graphics & Illustrations: Joe Weis

Publisher: UAHC Press

35 pp./ Booklet soft cover

חברים בעברית האלבום שלי (4)- אחרי הלימודים

Chaverim BeIvrit HaAlbom Sheli – (4) Acharey HaLimudim

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