LeHatzliach BeHabaah, BeLashon UBeKtiva



LeHatzliach BeHabaah, BeLashon UBeKtiva

To Succeed in Hebrew Expression, Grammar and Composition


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Author: Meira Ma’adia
Published by: Meira Ma’adia
ISBN: 978-965-7493-12-0
Pages: 248
Cover: Book, Soft Cover

The book “To Succeed in Hebrew Expression, Grammar and Composition” brings students to a high level in Hebrew. Drilling in the book improves the student’s ability to express himself / herself orally and in writing and improves his language and grammar skills.

The drills appear in three areas of skill: speaking skill, language skill and writing skill. The book is divided into three sections: oral expression, language drills and writing drills.

Oral expression – includes speaking activities and expressions in natural situations from every day life: apologizing, requesting, complaining and inviting.

Language drills – include drills on verbs and syntaxes as well as use of prepositions. The drills are built up gradually – from the easiest level up to the highest of levels. The language drills improve the language from the lingual-grammatical aspect.

Writing drills – include writing notes, official letters, announcements, notices and subjects for writing. They improve the student’s ability to express himself / herself in writing, drill functional writing skills and ensure the acquirement of the language in perfection. This also improves communicative talents – the highest goal of language instruction.

At the end of the book there are texts about Jewish holidays, accompanied by drills on

להצליח בהבעה, בלשון, ובכתיבה

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