LeHatzliach BeIvrit Alef+English translation+CD


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LeHatzliach BeIvrit Alef+English translation+CD


To Succeed in Hebrew – “Aleph” – Beginner’s Level accompanied by English Translations

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Author: Meira Ma’adia
Published by: Meira Ma’adia
ISBN: 978-965-7493-03-8
Pages: 248
Cover: Paperback
The book “To Succeed in Hebrew – “Aleph” – Beginner’s Level” accompanied by English Translations – is intended for beginningstudents of Hebrew in Ulpans, universities and schools. The bookenables students to acquire the language in an innovative, exciting andinteresting manner and gives the students good mastery of the basics ofthe Hebrew language.

The book includes interesting texts,conversations, songs, expressions as well as a wide range of exerciseson verbs and syntaxes. Texts are taken from everyday Israeli culture aswell as from various topics: Hebrew literature, history, art,communication, Zionism, Judaism and others.

Likewise, the book contains many various speech activities that helpthe student communicate better with his surroundings, such as: askingfor information, complaints, blessings and good wishes. The bookportrays authentic material from every day life, such as:announcements, questionnaires, invitations and maps.

All instructions and explanations are translated into English. At theend of each lesson there is a Hebrew-English dictionary that includesvocabulary, expressions and linguistic structures. In addition, thereis a Hebrew-English dictionary at the end of the book.

2 CDs accompany the book “To Succeed in Hebrew – “Aleph” – Beginner’s Level” accompanied by English Translations The CDs include the reading passages, dialogs and songs that appear within the book. Studying Hebrew using a book and CD enables the learner to develop listening ability and to practice speech. It brings the learner to complete success in acquiring the Hebrew language
להצליח בעברית חלק א
עם תרגום לאנגלית
Le’hatzliach BeIvrit Alef + CD
Lehazliach BeIvrit Aleph + CD

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