LeHatzliach BeIvrit – Chagim UMoadim

To Succeed in Hebrew Holidays and special events


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Author: Meira Ma’adia
Published by: Meira Ma’adia
ISBN: 978-965-7493-13-7
Pages: 310
Cover: Paperback

The book “To Succeed in Hebrew Holidays and special events” focuses on learning the Jewish Heritage while deepening the mastery of the Hebrew language. The book deals with the Jewish Holidays, special Israeli Events and Memorial Days according to their appearance in the Jewish Calendar.
The book is intended for intermediate and advanced learners from the Middle school through High Schools and Ulpanim.

להצליח בעברית חגים ומועדים

Le’hatzliach BeIvrit Chagim U’Mo’adim
Lehazliach BeIvrit Chagim UMoadim
Le’hazliach BeIvrit Chagim U’Mo’adim

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