LeHatzliach BeIvrit Gimmel - Mitkadmim


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LeHatzliach BeIvrit Gimmel – Mitkadmim


To Succeed in Hebrew – “gimmel” – Advanced level

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Author: Meira Ma’adia
Published by: Meira Ma’adia
ISBN: 978-965-7493-06-9
Pages: 248
Cover: paperback

The book “To Succeed in Hebrew – “Gimmel” – Advanced Level” – is intended for students of Hebrew on a high level in Ulpans, schools and universities. The purpose of the book is to widen the student’s knowledge of the Hebrew language and Jewish culture and values. The book is suitable for students of Hebrew on the 3rd or 4th level.

Texts are taken from from various topics: Zionism, Judaism, literature, history, communication and others. Before the texts, there are preparatory exercises and following them there are exercises in reading comprehension. Likewise, the book includes language exercises on verbs and syntaxes, slang expressions, idioms and expressions.

At the end of the book there is a Test Yourself summary that includes all types of language exercises in the book. The checkup allows for review and summary of the material learned and self-evaluation of how well the material was understood.

להצליח בעברית חלק ג מתקדמים

Le’hatzliach BeIvrit Gimmel – Mitakadmim
Lehazliach BeIvrit Alef Gimmel – Mitkadmim
Le’hatzliach BeIvrit Gimel – Mitakadmim
Lehazliach BeIvrit Alef Gimel – Mitkadmim

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