LeHatzliach BeIvrit Kalah Alef

To Succeed in Basic Hebrew Aleph


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Author: Meira Ma’adia
Published by: Meira Ma’adia
ISBN: 978-965-7493-07-6
Pages: 248
Cover: Paperback

The book “To Succeed in Basic Hebrew – Aleph” Accompanied by English Instructions – is intended for beginner students of Hebrew in Israel and abroad: children and youth in elementary schools, junior and senior high schools, adults in Ulpan’s and others. The book teaches the letters of the Aleph Bet, initial reading and writing of words, sentences and texts.

Through this book one can acquire the Hebrew language in an easy, simple and interesting manner – in a manner that gives the student good mastery of the foundations of the Hebrew language.


  • The first part of the book deals in learning the letters and vowels of the Aleph Bet and in acquiring the foundations of reading and writing.
  • The second part of the book contains eleven lessons that expose the students to interesting reading passages, conversations, songs and expressions, as well as a large assortment of language exercises built up in a gradual manner.


The numerous drawings and illustrations in the book make learning Hebrew more interesting and visual; they arouse motivation in the students and cause them enjoyment. The lingual subjects and the instructions have been translated into English. This translation is essential for English speakers at their onset in acquiring the new language.

להצליח בעברית קלה חלק א

LeHatzliach Be’Ivrit Kalah Alef

LeHazliach Be’Ivrit Kalah Aleph


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