Lilmod Ivrit Be'Rama (Gimmel)

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Lilmod Ivrit Be’Rama (Gimmel)

For Level Gimmel

$48.99 $45.00


Author: M. Rom, R. Refaeli
Published by: Academon
Pages: 172
Cover: Soft Cover
This book is geared towards students who have been studying Hebrew for four-five months (level 3). The texts in the book (taken from an array of Israeli newspapers and magazens) were edited to create a gradual progress in vocabulary as well as grammer and syntax. The study units include text, writing assignments, and language exercises. The book offers a range of writing styles: instructions, dessriptions, discussions, expression of opinion, journalistic accounts etc.
ללמוד עברית ברמה חלק ג
Lilmod Ivrit BeRama Gimmel
Lilmod Ivrit BeRama Gimel

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