Shushan-Shmot Mishkan HaShem-Choveret LaTalmid


Shushan-Shmot Mishkan HaShem-Choveret LaTalmid

Shmot Mishkan HaShem enrichment Student Booklet

משכן ה׳



משכן ה׳

This booklet is one of a series of student booklets on the Bible. Which was composed of a real need to provide and fill the gaps in learning the Torah and appropriately illuminate her.

This booklet was developed to enhance the study of the Mishkan, It depicts many illustrations along with Torah verses in order to make the learning experience most enjoyable. 

Author: Ha’Rav Avraham Shushan
Published by: Sifrei Shushan

pp. 128 / Booklet, Soft Cover

שמות משכן השם – חוברת לתלמיד

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