Hinneh Aleph+Hinneh Bet+Tool Box

Biblical Hebrew the practical Way – Volume One + Volume Two + Tool Box

הנה – עברית מקראית בדרך המעשית




Authors: Rahel Halabe
Published by: Magness Press

Cover: Soft Cover

Aleph – 500 pages
Bet – 295 pages
Tool Box – 130 pages

Effective, innovative introduction to Biblical Hebrew, rigorous but friendly for academic or community courses, as well as an easy to access reference book.

Hinneh is a 3 volumes, rigorous but engaging and unintimidating introductory textbook/workbook, which thoroughly guides both teachers and students through the challenges of classical Hebrew. The Hinneh program is ambitious, but realistic at the same time. It allows all students to independently read and be able to interpret authentic, straightforward biblical texts after completing a course of 3-4 semesters (100-150 class hours). It also provides those wishing to continue, a wide enough base upon which to build deeper scholarly study.

Hinneh balances two major demands of an introductory grammar, reflecting the most frequently occurring lexical and grammatical examples and sequencing the material in a way that makes teaching and learning easier. This is achieved through short, original biblical passages offered in context and with a variety of translations. The textbook introduces important grammatical concepts, especially those concerning the verb system, in a comprehensive and innovative manner, which includes color coding among, simple model for the interpretation of tense, among other aids.

Volume Aleph presents those basic grammatical subjects, which are not conditioned by the verb, followed by the prefix and suffix verb forms of the qal stem in ‘strong’ and ‘weak’ verbs.

Volume Bet presents the infinitives, imperative and participle forms of the qal stem, followed by the remaining verb stems in all their forms and root groups.

Tool Box includes frequently occurring biblical vocabulary lists (nouns, prepositions, verbs) complete with pronominal suffixes, as well as detailed verb paradigms parsing charts (nouns, prepositions, verbs), and more. 

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הנה א + הנה ב + ארגז כלים, Hinneh, Hineh:


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